”Å andra sidan avsikten väl att överraska oss. Och det gjorde de uppiffade atmosfären i Finlandia-huset.” – Jan Granberg, Hufvudstadsbladet


In the summer of 2018, the first international opera festival will be held in Helsinki. The theme of the year is Poland, which is one hundred years old on Independence Day. The visitor is the Krakow Baroque orchestra Capella Kracoviensis, who specializes in folk musicians and baroque musicians. The orbit has been burning abundantly. The festival is produced by the Koominen Opera in Helsinki and the artistic director is Laura Åkerlund.

Festival Program

22.8.2018 klo 19.00 HALKA opera
23.8.2018 klo 19.00 HALKA opera
24.8.2018 klo 19.00 Capella Craviensis, consert
25.8.2018 klo 14.00 HALKA opera

Moniuszko: Opera Halka

HALKA opera

Stanislaw Moniuzko, composer
Capella Crakoviensis orchestra
Capella Cracoviensis Chorus
Jan Tomasz Adamus, Conductor
Laura Åkerlund, Director
Natalia Kawałek, mezzo-soprano
Małgorzata Rodek, soprano
Jakub Pawlik, tenor
Sebastian Szumski, bariton

22.- 25.8.2018 Halka Opera

August Opera Opposition! Director Halka led by director Laura Åkerlund. Stanislaw Moniuszko's opera Halka will be presented in Finland in August 2018 at the Kulttuuritalo for the first time after a break of 80 years. Year 2018 is also the anniversary of the book, as the premiere will be 170 years. It is a two-pronged, original version of the Halka opera in the original language in Polish. The director of the Helsinki Koominen Opera, opera director Laura Åkerlund, and the conductor of the work, is directed by Jan Tomasz Adamus, who is also the artistic director of the Capella Cracoviensis orchestra. Capella Cracoviensis is a 50-year-old orchestra specializing in old music and period instruments. The performances also include Capella Cracoviensis's own choir. In 2018 Poland celebrates its 100th anniversary of independence. The main role is shown by the mezzosopraano Natalia Kawałek, soprano Małgorzata Rodeklaula Zofia, tenor Jakub Pawlik, who plays the role of Halet's in love with Jontek and baritone Sebastian Szumski (Janusz). Halka tells the story of a young woman, Halka, who falls in love with a man named Janusz. However, a man decides to marry another woman and dismiss Halkan. After that, Halka finds she is pregnant. This is followed by one of the most dramatic drawings in opera history. Melodic music is the story of the story and tells all the twists and turns of the triumphant heartbreakingly. This opera performance has long been seen in Finland! The Koominen Opera in Helsinki will carry out the work in co-operation with the Polish, internationally renowned baroque orchestra Capella Cracoviensis, and after the performances in Helsinki, the book will go to Poland. The Koominen Opera in Helsinki continues to lead international co-productions and export overseas Finnish opera expertise. Duration about 2.5 hours (including one Interval) Performing language: Polish (original language of the work). Subtitles in Finnish. In collaboration with: Helsinki Koominen Opera and Capella Cracoviensis. Cray is part of a multi-annual opera industry export package Halka is a part of the Helsinki-based Koominen Opera project, which aims to export Finnish opera skills abroad and thus increase the presence of Finnish artists at the international opera center. Tickets at Lippupiste. Tickets starting from € 29.50 (+ delivery fees). Tietoja Google-kääntäjästäYhteisöMobiiliTietoja Googlesta


Liedconcert Fri 31.03.2017 15h Johanna Lehesvuori & Jenna Ristilä

Fri 31.3.2017 Finlandia-hall, Helsinki-auditorium

Liedconcert Fri 28.04.2017 15h Reetta Haavisto, Antti Pakkanen & Tuomas Juutilainen

Fri 28.04.2017 15h Finlandia Hall, Helsinki Auditorium

Liedconcert Fri 26.05.2017 15h Laura Pyrrö & pianist Tiina Korhonen

Fri 26.05.2017 Finlandia-hall, Helsinki-auditorium


Liedconcert Sanna Matinniemi & Ilmari Räikkönen

24.02.2017 Finlandia-hall, Helsinki-auditorium

Liedconcert Erica Back & Aura Go

Fri 20.01.2017 Finlandia-hall, Helsinki-auditorium

Little Red Riding Hood – opera for families

10.01.2017 - 11.01.2017 Aleksanterin teatteri

Opening Gala in Finlandia-hall

16.12.2016 Finlandia-hall. Leif Segerstam, Reetta Haavisto, Mia Heikkinen, Petri Lindroos