About Comic Opera

Why Comic Opera was founded

As I was working in opera for the last ten years in Finland, Sweden, England, Russia and also in opera houses in Germany such as Komische Opera Berlin, Oper Stuttgart, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Bayerische Staatsoper, I was convinced that Finland needs a new kind of spirit in making opera. We need something new, something old and especially hope for the future professionals. In winter 2016 I was invited to take part in an development project for new forms of music theater business organised by a group entrepeneurs. The group made an broad analysis of the opera business and made a plan for a new operahouse based on this research. The conclusion was, that a new kind of operahouse is possible and duable with a certain boundary conditions. It strengthens and develops the opera as an art form and brings more jobs to the cultural sector. The end result from this five month project is Helsingin Koominen Ooppera.

Comic Opera Helsinki Ltd is opera business, which offers new kind of culture services with the possible income it gets from its productions. The funding is made with the companys capital stock, own investments, income from productions and shows, sponsorship and own funding for the beginning phase. This kind of financing is completely new in Finland, where cultural sector always relays heavily only on public funding. The goal is to offer everybody the possibility to enjoy high quality art with reasonable prices. The policy for organising events, is to offer something that everybody can listen and enjoy without any kind of professional background in music or other art forms. This kind of activity strengthens the development of finnish culture sector so that it meet the requirements of the future. The events are plannedand executed by using the newest service design concepts. Comic Opera Helsinki feels the reponsibility of developing the opera sector in many ways. The operahouse offers jobs to the professionals of opera and music theater. We are not a group of singers wanting to create jobs for yourselves, but an actual company, which is serving safe and real jobs and projects for different kinds of professionals.

Comic Opera Helsinki is using its international relations and contacts to help and enable students and professionals to show their knowledge to the international audience and market. This is done by exporting events and joint productions, and also direct contacts. The Comic Opera collaborates with other international opera and music theater companies by bringing the newest trends and ideas from the world to Finland. Comic Opera organises different kinds of education and development events and workshops, where we learn new ways of making the most of the newest ideas and therefore developing the personal skills and know-how. This is done together with universities.

Helsingin Koominen Ooppera Oy/Comic Opera Helsinki Ltd

Laura Åkerlund

CEO & Artistic Director, MA